Learn about the timing and importance of tonsil surgery. Finding out when and why to do a tonsil operation may be necessary for your health.

When and why to do a tonsil operation?

Learn about the timing and importance of tonsil surgery. Finding out when and why to do a tonsil operation may be necessary for your health.

when and why to do a tonsil operation

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Tonsils are a type of lymphoid tissue. We call it tonsillitis if there is any kind of infection or inflammation. The human body has a pair of palatine tonsils on both sides of the throat, inflammation of the tonsils means infection. Tonsil infection is a common health problem. Tonsillitis is more common in children between the ages of three and fourteen.

But that is not the case with adults. Tonsil operation is not a life-saving emergency operation. However, in some cases, we tell the patients that it is better to do the operation, but in many cases, the parents ask whether the operation will harm the child. The tonsils that are infected are not getting better with medicine; It won't hurt to have infected or oversized tonsils removed, as many other lymph nodes in the throat and neck work to prevent disease.

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When to do throat tonsil surgery:

In patients who always have an infection in the tonsils in the throat, due to the infection, the lymphoid glands under the jaw on both sides of the outside of the throat are swollen, or when the tonsils are pressed, white dry pus comes out from the inside; In patients who have enlarged tonsils.

Therefore, antibiotics are often taken; In this case, if the patient's problem is severe/prolonged, tonsillectomy is recommended. Those who have tonsil infections with such symptoms more than four to five times a year or patients who suffer from tonsillitis for years need to be operated on.

In the case of children (four-ten years) repeated cold-cough-sore throat causes swelling of tonsils in the throat and tonsils behind the nose. Usually, there is no reason to worry if the tonsils are slightly enlarged, but if the child has difficulty in eating/swallowing food due to it, saliva coming out of the mouth, frequent fever with a sore throat, breathing problems during sleep at night, then it is very harmful to the child. can do In this case, a quick examination and, if necessary, an operation should be performed.

If one tonsil is abnormally enlarged, tonsillectomy is recommended to confirm the presence of cancer by performing a biopsy (histopathology) test if a suspicious lesion is found on the tonsil.

Note: So such problems should not be neglected. If it does not resolve with medication as advised by the doctor, tonsil surgery is better and safer.

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