These three yogas will reduce belly fat. When the belly grows in size from its normal position, it creates a sense of uneasiness in us and spoils our beauty.

These three yogas will reduce belly fat

These three yogas will reduce belly fat. When the belly grows in size from its normal position, it creates a sense of uneasiness in us and spoils our beauty.

yogas will reduce belly fat

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The stomach is clear proof of how healthy our lifestyle is. As the stomach increases in size from its normal position, you will realize that your lifestyle is unhealthy. Having a potty means that your eating, drinking, walking, and sleeping are not regular.

Many people do surgery to reduce belly fat. But it is not a permanent solution. If the problem is not removed from the root, the fat will accumulate again and again. Yogasana can be an effective solution in this case. Below are some yoga asanas to lose belly fat –

Long boat ride:

How to do it: Lie in Shabana and keep both hands straight behind the head. Breathe in and slowly lift your legs, head, and arms about a foot off the ground. Buttocks and lower back will stick to the ground. Focus on the chest. Slowly lower your arms, legs, and head to the ground while exhaling as you return to the original position.

Duration: Start with 10 seconds. Then slowly increase the time. Do 30-60 seconds 4-5 times when the asana is under control.

Benefits: Improves digestion. Helps reduce dandruff. Useful in gastric problems.

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How to do it: Sit in Vajrasana with the big toes touching each other. Make a fist with the thumb of the left hand inwards. Now touch the front part of both fists with each other. Now touch the inner side of the fist (the side where the thumb is) along the navel. Now bend forward to exhale. Breathe in and out very slowly while in the seat. Get up to catch your breath while getting up from the seat.

Duration: Start with 10 seconds in the initial position. Gradually increase the time and try to stay for 30 seconds. Do this 4-5 times.

Benefits: Helps burn belly fat. Useful in solving the problem of diabetes. Eliminates gastric problems.


How to do it: Lie down stretched out. Place the hands parallel to the body on the mat. Inhale, and raise both legs together to a height of 30 degrees. In this situation, keep the stomach a little tight, otherwise the pressure will fall on the waist. Slowly lower your legs like this for 15-30 seconds. Exhale as you lower your legs. In this way, you can do up to 40, 50, and 90 degrees.

Duration: Initially take 10 seconds for each step. Gradually increase the time.

Benefits: Very effective asana for burning lower and upper abdominal fat.

keep in mind:

Your belly or hips didn't grow in a day or a month. Years of irregularity have resulted in flatulence. Don't rush to reduce it. It should be practiced daily to remove it through yoga in a healthy way. Just as we eat food every day for the energy of the body, daily yoga practice is necessary to improve the body structure. Some may take one month, some three months, or even a year to lose belly fat in yoga. But the habit cannot be stopped by being impatient.

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