Walking is very good for maintaining blood circulation in the body. But there are some rules for walking. Do you follow the rules of walking after eating?

Do you follow the rules of walking after eating?

Walking is very good for maintaining blood circulation in the body. But there are some rules for walking. Do you follow these rules for walking after eating?

Do you follow the rules of walking after eating

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There is hardly any exercise better to keep the blood circulation in the body than walking. But walking also has some rules, there are certain times. The benefit of walking in the mild morning sun cannot be obtained by walking in the hot sun of Bharadupur.

Studies have shown that taking a short walk after a meal has several benefits. Very safe and beneficial especially for those who have high blood pressure or digestive problems. But it all depends on the time and type of walk. So first know the benefits of walking after eating, then there are precautions.

Helps in digestion:

A little walk after eating helps in digestion. Walking increases blood circulation in the body, resulting in faster digestion of food. Apart from this, if you sit or sleep after eating, the gastric juice of the stomach works slowly in many cases. As a result, digestion is also very slow.

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Reduces the risk of heart disease:

The biggest benefit of regular walking is that the blood circulation of the body is good. Resting after a meal slows down blood circulation in the body. A short walk then helps to keep the body's blood flow in check. which keeps the heart healthy.

Helps control blood sugar levels:

Diabetic patients have a slight increase in blood sugar immediately after eating. A little walking helps to keep this level under control. However, diabetic patients should consult a doctor before doing this exercise.

Helps induce instant sleep:

It is normal to feel tired after eating a heavy meal. Body temperature decreases slightly while digesting food. As a result, tiredness leads to sleep. But walking a little increases the blood circulation in the body, which helps to induce sleep.

Good sleep:

Taking a short walk after eating at night helps in digestion. As a result, after going to bed at night, the digestion process does not continue in the stomach. Sleep quickly. In addition, increased blood circulation in the body helps reduce stress, which is conducive to better sleep.


Walking after eating does not mean starting to walk after eating. Rather rest for some time and then walk. Walking should be started about 10 to 20 minutes after lunch or dinner. This allows the stomach to start working on its own. After that, walking can be considered as a little exercise. Otherwise, this small walk can start stomach ache.

Try to walk slowly. Walking fast can put pressure on the stomach. Which will disturb the normal digestion process.

Don't get used to this rule quickly. Even if it is difficult to walk at first, the body will start adapting with time. But never go for a walk with pressure on the body. Try to adapt yourself to the habit by understanding the condition of the body.

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